Aly - Biddle - Helloooo, Nurse! (noblwish) wrote in geeksonfilm,
Aly - Biddle - Helloooo, Nurse!

I split my Fine Art group

Due to requests on both sides of the argument, I have split my Yahoo group, HoustonFineArtFans, into a discussion group (the original one) and an Announcement-Only group, HFAF-Announce.

As of next week, I will cease to forward any event announcements or newsletters to the original group -- it will exist for art-related chit-chat and IRL meeting planning only (although members are still welcome to forward events and news to that group, if they want -- I'll be happy to forward them on to the other group, as well).  The new group is where I will be forwarding everything to from then on.  Messages, Links and the Calendar will be accessible to the public (although, I discovered, you must have a Yahoo ID to view the calendar, regardless of your membership status).  Files, Photos, Databases and other features will be member-only, so there is SOME benefit to membership (membership requests will not be moderated).  Posting is moderator-only, although I am willing to give semi-mod posting privileges to anyone who plans to forward events weekly or monthly.  Anyone can send an announcement they want posted on the group to me at

While I've tried to keep all discussion group members within the local Houston area, I am not concerned with the location of subscribers to the announcement group.  If you are curious about what goes on in the Houston, Texas Art Scene, by all means then, come join up!


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