The thinker, dreamer, and in-betweener (onesoul) wrote in geeksonfilm,
The thinker, dreamer, and in-betweener


I am a film geek. Specifically, I enjoy indie films. I was glad to see Secretary was the first film out of the gate. I was also sad, because I missed it.

Okay, let me back up. I'm being a bit presumptuous.

I'm Jasmine. My boyfriend, D, and I are really interested in watching some flicks with a few locals who can appreciate an odd film or two.

The thing is I'm not so sure this happily-little-geek-group is open to newcomers.

Sooooo, here I am with questions a plenty. (And yes, I haven't read the mailing list yet which probably answers all my queries anyway. *smile*)

1) Are you guys open to two new people?
2) Do you usually watch indie/unusual/not mainstream necessarily?
3) How many people are in the group?
4) How long do you guys plan to get keep the group up (is this only a summer thing)?
5) Do you normally meet on Weds only?
6) Can I be any more verbose in an introductory post?

Thanks in advance!

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