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dates and films:

next few geeksonfilm screenings are as follows. if you have a movie you'd like to volunteer for a particular night, comment, and i'll add it to the list.

june 11th: secretary
june 25th: something, we haven't decided what yet.
july 9th:
july 23rd:
august 6th: (possible hiatus due to moving)
august 20th:
september 3rd:
september 17th:
october 1st:
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I own the other two movies and love them a lot. I haven't ever seen King of Masks, I vote for that one, unless you guys just watched it last night. ^_^
Egads!!! We missed yesterday????

If someone could email me directions that would be great, we actually hope to make it for the next one.

We saw Tokoyo Decadence last night ... curious Indie film from Japan.

A little S&M never hurt anyone, right? ;)
well, i was a bit slow on the uptake when it came to posting dates and notifying people.

so no one showed up.

i'll try and be a bit more on the bal for the next one. and i don't think i've seen any of the films enzie suggested, so i'm game for any of them.

at some point i should list the ones that i've got available, and would like to see. i've got an interesting 1932 documentary on nudism that everyone should see at some point.