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barring any other requests...

....we'll be eschewing gone with the wind our first meeting in favor of secratary, courtesy of ladymeshel. unless alibss's [edit: i can't believe it let me do that. the other copy would belong to *alibee*] copy gets here first. or mine from malaysia with the thai language track.

also, if any of you have something to add to the bio section of the community or interests you'd like to see added, let me know, and i'll add them.


secratary it is.

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first post!

you can join the mailing list here for all your informational updates; i thought the LJ forum would work best for discussion of the various film, and the list moreso for announcements. let me know hat you think, and i'll adjust accordingly.

first film will be screened wednesday, june 11th at 7pm at alyska's house. current contenders are Gone with the Wind and The Secret of Roan Inish.
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